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I use a multitude of tools and experiences that bring a comprehensive approach to evaluate systems, processes, objects, and personnel. I achieve this through a mix of initial communication with stakeholders and departments, and use this information to develop the framework for developing scope and planning resources to exceed <client/project> expectations.


I ensure that our team develops time-sensitive seminars, conferences, and meetings designed to explicate the scope and complexities of deadlines in a unified environment for clients and team members. I develop daily business interactions to maintain a positive milieu, within a prescribed common creative atmosphere, vital to the team’s success in daily challenges, ultimately to the project, company, and client.


Listening to the needs of the project’s stakeholders, I tailor a solution using a top down method for providing the needs of budget conscious clients, or a ground up design for customized turnkey solutions. These hybrid approaches are weighted towards the common voice of the client, where detail oriented solutions are applied along the common tones throughout the client’s organization.


Limiting task oriented teams to no more than 7 persons, with a wide assortment of experience and a solid rubric for life cycle development of projects enables synergistic teamwork practices and enables succinct solutions with minimal interruptions. When a group is given full control with the understanding of full accountability, time and time again the group as a whole is able to provide the necessary decisions to achieve positive progression.


With diverse hobbies, experiences, contacts, and interests, I bring a special perspective to providing successful solutions, on time, and above and beyond requirements. I owe my successes to borrowed approaches in scouting, mentorship, and previous successes where developing a strong approach to looking through a problem to see its solution has allowed me to approach situations with objective clarity.


Understanding the importance of the products and services needed of the end users and clients, and forming an environment, which highlights those needs, allows me to convey a quick, calm, succinct product. There is nothing more successful than a team with a common goal and the will to accomplish that goal as their own.


I operate on a business healthy approach of meeting the requirements of the project; both personnel/clients’ and planning/execution are balanced to achieve an overall positive relationship with the client, team members, and other staff in a warm and inviting manner.


heuristic evaluation

cognitive walkthrough

time and method engineering


turnkey business solutions

systems analysis

change management

communication methodologies


data visualization

workflow optimization


communication design

statistical analysis

sdlc methods

office suite


six sigma black belt


pedagogy methods


inter/national disaster relief

habitat for humanity

small group leadership

logistics mgmt (NPO/NGOs)


neon art bending

whitewater kayaking

large scale gourmet cooking








FedEx Ground MAR 2006 -

Freelancing - IT Development Projects JUL 2010 -

  • RDMS to J1EE development for optimizing data visuals highlighting revenue opportunities (inc SQL, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Maven)

Southern Regional Vision Implementation Manager FEB 2010 - DEC 2011

  • Train terminal management and employees on new processes, follow up with previous terminals, and prepare new rollouts
  • Engineer new technologies while communicating between field, programmers, and corporate to exceed deadlines
  • Project Manager for 10 terminals with a proprietary sorting technology, while exceeding process standards, increasing staffing, and reducing task oriented processes, effecting 11% of daily package volume in the company, all on or ahead of a 10 month schedule
  • Restructure vendor IT infrastructure to streamline reporting, feedback, and decrease downtime by implementing self-efficacy processes
  • Manage budget of employees (7 direct), interact with external customers and vendors to plan and execute projects on time
  • Identify an SQL security hole in an outsourced employee information database, affecting +30% of FedEx Operations, saving +20M in liability

Southern Divisional Preload Quality Initiative Manager 2 FEB 2009 - JAN 2010

  • Retrain terminal management and employees on current processes and improve on new opportunities
  • SCADA process improvements using to reduce workflow of hourly workers by 50%, totaling a 5% increase across all productivity
  • Support 116 terminals with 20+ different personal visits resulting in streamlined adjustments with $10K savings each
  • FAST Team Manager - Peak Season 2009

Dock Service Manager 2 JAN 2007 - JAN 2009

  • Encompass all aspects of customer service to ensure proper delivery of the customers’ package(s)
  • Developed streamlined applications for inventory and daily workflows enabling users to visualize current and potential issues in real time

P/T Service Manager JUL 2006 - DEC 2006

P/T Package Handler MAR 2006 - JUN 2006

  • Direct influence to the success of an independent contractor workforce and correctly load external facing customers’ packages

Harris Teeter JUN 2002 - MAR 2006

Grocery Manager Dec 2003MAR 2006

  • Lead a team of six clerks to ensure proper ordering, stocking, rotation, and appearance of the Grocery Department with a $15M+ inventory
  • Manage three adjacent stores and retrain employees on the proper procedures, methodologies, and system processes

Customer Service Clerk JUN 2002 - NOV 2003

  • Assist a team of 10+ associates on the front line while ensuring the customers’ needs/wants are met and exceeded

Winn-Dixie JUN 2002 - MAR 2003

Grocery Manager

  • Lead a team of six clerks to ensure proper ordering, stocking, rotation, and appearance of the Grocery Department with a $15M+ inventory
  • Manage three adjacent stores and retrain employees on the proper procedures, methodologies, and system processes

Customer Service Clerk

  • Assist a team of 10+ associates on the front line while ensuring the customers’ needs/wants are met and exceeded

Technologies / Compliance / Certification

type Name Start Date Current/End Date Elapsed Time Version(s) Personal Rating Project
technology J2EE November, 2011 TODO 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 2 Contractor Optimization
technology JS April, 2012 TODO 1.8.x 1 Resume Builder
compliance CIP May, 2008 August, 2011 TODO 2 Protection
certification Red Cross May, 2007 April, 2013 TODO First Aid, CPR 3
compliance ANSI November, 2007 August, 2010 TODO 2
certification ISO May, 2007 August, 2010 TODO 9000, 9001 2
certification DOT June, 2006 April, 2013 TODO USA, NC 3
compliance OSHA June, 2007 April, 2012 TODO USA, NC, TN 2
compliance NERC April, 2006 April, 2012 TODO USA, NC 2
certification Leadership Principles January, 2008 TODO 3
certification Forklift April, 2001 TODO 3
certification Pallet Jack April, 2001 TODO 3
certification Tugger April, 2006 TODO 3
technology Excel April, 1998 TODO VBA 3 Numerous
technology Microsoft suite April, 1998 TODO 3 Numerous
technology R September, 2008 TODO VBA 2 Statistical Analysis
technology SQL August, 2010 TODO mySQL, server, msSQL/Sybase/tSQL 3 Numerous
technology Eclipse August, 2009 TODO Helios and Indigo for Classic, Java, J2EE, JS 2 Numerous
technology Maven August, 2010 TODO 2, 3 2 Contractor Optimization
technology XML August, 2009 TODO 1.0, 1.1 2 Numerous
technology Spring August, 2010 TODO 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 2 Contractor Optimization
technology Hibernate August, 2010 TODO 3.x, 4.x 2 Contractor Optimization
technology Tomcat August, 2010 TODO 5.5, 6, 7 2 Numerous
technology CSS January, 1997 TODO 1, 2, 3 3 Numerous
technology HTML January, 1997 TODO 3, 4, 5 2 Numerous
technology XHTML January, 2010 TODO 1.0, 1.1, 5 2 Numerous
technology SCADA January, 2007 TODO Distributed, Networked 2 Numerous
chris frisina