Resume Templates :



  • heuristic evaluation
  • cognitive walkthrough
  • t:me and method engineering


  • turnkey business solutions
  • systems analysis
  • change management
  • communication methodologies


  • data visualization
  • workflow optimization
  • presentation
  • communication design
  • statistical analysis
  • sdlc methods




  • inter/national disaster relief
  • habitat for humanity
  • small group leadership
  • logistics mgmt (NPO/NGOs)


Business Approach


I use a multitude of tools and experiences that bring a comprehensive approach to evaluate systems, processes, objects, and personnel. I achieve this through a mix of initial communication with stakeholders and departments, and use this information to develop the framework for developing scope and planning resources to exceed client or project expectations.


I ensure that our team develops time-sensitive seminars, conferences, and meetings designed to explicate the scope and complexities of deadlines in a unified environment for clients and team members. I develop daily business interactions to maintain a positive milieu, within a prescribed common creative atmosphere, vital to the team’s success in daily challenges, ultimately to the project, company, and client.


Listening to the needs of the project’s stakeholders, I tailor a solution using a top down method for providing the needs of budget conscious clients, or a ground up design for customized turnkey solutions. These hybrid approaches are weighted towards the common voice of the client, where detail oriented solutions are applied along the common tones throughout the client’s organization.


Organizing teams to a preferable size of 7 persons, with a wide assortment of experience and a solid rubric for life cycle development of projects, enables synergistic teamwork practices and enables succinct solutions with minimal interruptions. When a group is given full control with the understanding of full accountability, time and time again the group as a whole is able to provide the necessary decisions to achieve positive progression.


With diverse hobbies, experiences, contacts, and interests, I bring a special perspective to providing successful solutions, on time, and above and beyond requirements. I owe my successes to borrowed approaches in scouting, mentorship, and previous successes where developing a strong approach to looking through a problem to see its solution has allowed me to approach situations with objective clarity.


Understanding the importance of the products and services needed of the end users and clients, and forming an environment, which highlights those needs, allows me to convey a quick, calm, succinct product. There is nothing more successful than a team with a common goal and the will to accomplish that goal as their own.


I operate on a business healthy approach of meeting the requirements of the project; both personnel/clients’ and planning/execution are balanced to achieve an overall positive relationship with the client, team members, and other staff in a warm and inviting manner.

Work Experience

Virginia Tech

Graduate Student

I am Graduate Student pursuing my PhD in Computer Science. My areas of interest are Information Visualization, Big Data, Human Computer Interaction, Usability, and Human in the Loop Engineering.

Graduate Research Assistant ( Learning Analytics Dashboard )

As the lead developer for datavisualizations, I help facilitate research around making data meaningful for students and teachers alike. We analyze large data sets and provide meaningful visualizations and dashboards through particpatory design methodologies.

Graduate Research Assistant ( Candy Factory | Candy Depot [Fraction Learning] )

I developed a set of Participatory design tools { graphs, wireframes, multi-threaded video } to run usability studies with teachers to enhance the feedback system available to teachers, students, parents, and interested parties.

  • Research and design wireframes for information visualization to benefit teachers for opportunities in areas of improvement.
  • Design and structure the data structure and gathering for the current implementation
  • Run usability studies on the concept ideas, and continue development on promising prototypes.

Graduate Research Assistant ( Sound of Fractions [Fraction Learning])

I am on a multidisciplinary design team to help refine a proof of concept learning tool to help struggling middle school students to learn fractions, the largest road block in K-12 mathematics. The application uses a musically complex interface to help students understand part/whole concepts in different representations, building from their current strong musical skills.

  • Research and design mockups to beta test intricate learning theories
  • Convert the single page JS application into a robust front and backend, using require.js, backbone.js, underscore.js, RoR, and an Ubuntu VM server
  • Research current concepts and theories surrounding entrainment, child brain development, learning stages, music education, and fractions.
  • The Sound Of Fractions proof of concept can be found at .The current implementation can be found at .

Web Developer

I help with a complete overhaul of the the ICAT website to integrate with two other main components, a project database and visualization, that help ICAT's accomplish it's mission to connect Virginia Tech both internally and externally for all.

  • Website development using Drupal.
  • Discuss with other memebers of the team to organize the Drupal database across all three projects: website, project connections, and project visualization.

Democratic National Convention

Event Manager

The 2012 Democratic National Convention is in Charlotte, NC, my hometown. Given the rare opportunity, I was excited to be a part of the select few overseeing the success of the event, as well as providing the true southern hospitality to those attending, by overseeing the entire staff for hospitality, transportation, and communication.

  • Research and design transportation routes to support the media, staff, and guests
  • Coordinate volunteers and staff training, materials, and presentations
  • Incorporate safety, security, and access requirements into events and transportation
  • Construct a volunteer and staff management system that incorporates availability with restrictions enabling on the fly adjustments for various conflicts

FedEx Ground

Contractor Corporate Liaison - IT Development Projects

After a massive business realignment resulting from the economy crash, IT resources available to independent delivery contractors were significantly reduced. I presented and developed an elective application that would allow the contractors to provide business analytics that provide daily performance feedback, as well as trending analysis that identifies areas of opportunity as well as high performing metrics, available to each contractor and their employees.

  • Contractor Optimization
    • After enough data aggregate was collected, I was able to identify atypical operational correlations previously unknown, including: low productivity and excessive tire wear for newer employees, brake pad lifespan and other specific vehicle component wear, and although easily highlighted - maintenance record upkeep with increased injury incidents
    • J2EE implementation including mySQL, JSF/myFaces, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Maven, XML, and X/HTML, with Git versioning, in a traditional Waterfall developing environment comprised solely of myself, end to end in Eclipse
    • Customized data reporting and data entry of PDF, email (SMTP), XML, and CVS into single comprehensive queryable presentations using Sikuli
    • Basic data verification and session/transaction steps within the bean to cleanse and prevent rogue data from entering database
    • Database design with Business level logic for security management of CRUD cycle user and data history retention
    • Chose J2EE and associated technologies and self taught to account for 50 requirements including scaling and future support of the program
    • Hold recurring contractor meetings to discuss functionality, best practices, requirement listing, and business potentials
  • Vehicle Rental standardization
    • After making an excel version for proof of concept, a viable JS, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS version was constructed, eliminating time consuming paperwork, inventory controls, and management

Vision Implementation Manager

Vision, a live GIS/GPS aided GUI dispatch system developed in Java to aid package handlers to load packages correctly on Contractor vehicles based on daily utilizations, thresholds, and temporary logistics, was 5 years behind a releasable product, and closing in on $125M cost, despite an original and incorrect scoped project of $25M in 9 months. I took over a team of seven engineers and 120 vendor developers, and restructured the reporting, deliverables release schedule, and testing around an Agile inspired environment. Focusing on releasing working deliverables to the field enabled for a more comprehensive testing environment for faster feedback, eliminating group think and finger pointing. A full release to 15 terminals was achieved in 8 months, affecting 25% of the daily package volume of the company. A two year scaled rollout was designed, with the first year achieving 70% of company package volume.

  • Train terminal management and employees on new processes, follow up with previous terminals, and prepare new rollouts
  • Engineer new technologies while communicating between field, programmers, and corporate to exceed deadlines
  • Project Manager for 10 terminals with a proprietary sorting technology, while exceeding process standards, increasing staffing, and reducing task oriented processes, effecting 11% of daily package volume in the company, all on or ahead of a 10 month schedule
  • Identify an SQL security hole in an outsourced employee information database, affecting +30% of FedEx Operations, saving +20M in liability
  • Restructure vendor IT infrastructure to streamline reporting, feedback, and decrease downtime by implementing self-efficacy processes
  • Manage budget of employees (7 direct), interact with external customers and vendors to plan and execute projects on time
  • Facilitate business requirements gathering and definition in various formats including joint collaboration sessions with business and IT, targeted Q&A sessions with multiple Subject Mater Experts, and one-on-one user interviews in order to provide solutions that meet business and user needs
  • Vision
    • Job Aids
    • Training manuals, classes, testing, and reporting materials design, printing and
    • GUI/UX Design of web based program from field user perspectives

Southern Divisional Preload Quality Initiative Manager 2

With the southeast US as my geographical area, I lead a team of two that identified struggling terminals and worked with the local management team to identify root problems, retraining of best practices, develop short term solutions, and used teleconferencing for long term follow up. Our Division went from a reactive focus to preventative measures within 6 months, exceeding all other divisions in 4 of every 5 metrics. Our team had an 87% success rate of management improvement, and we suggested individual Performance Improvement Plans to upper management for followup with extremely low performers.

  • Retrain terminal management and employees on current processes and improve on new opportunities
  • SCADA process improvements using to reduce specific redundant or legacy workflows of hourly workers by 50%, totaling a 5% increase across all productivity
  • Support 116 terminals with 20+ different personal visits resulting in streamlined adjustments with $10K savings each
  • FAST Team Manager - Peak Season 2009

Dock Service Manager 3

A veteran service manager responsible for training, service and production metrics, and internal and external customer issues on a daily basis, with long term junior manager mentorship programs.

  • Encompass all aspects of customer service to ensure proper delivery of the customers' package(s)
  • Developed streamlined applications for inventory and daily workflows enabling users to visualize current and potential issues in real time
  • Sortation Charts
    • Melissa Data incorporation in Excel with color coding and van attribute listing

P/T Service Manager

A self proposed training position to transition qualified package handlers into full time managers, focusing on management training, not training for metric requirements of typical full time manager positions.

  • Manage 15 Package Handlers in daily operations
  • Load Optimizations
    • Using time studies to improve productivity

P/T Package Handler

Load packages on to contractor vehicles for daily dispatch, handling special customer requests as needed.

  • Load Packages

Harris Teeter

Grocery Manager

Heading a team that ensured the daily presentation of the grocery department, eventually connecting 3 stores' inventory to reduce product gaps to customers.

  • QA test a prototype automated inventory control and ordering system and focus on inventory mismatches and business anomalies
  • Redesigned the store price sticker to reflect inventory of slow moving product, and created reports to track label issues that cause excess inventory
  • Lead a team of six clerks to ensure proper ordering, stocking, rotation, and appearance of the Grocery Department with a $15M inventory
  • Manage three adjacent stores and retrain employees on the proper procedures, methodologies, and system processes

Customer Service Clerk

Managing different part time employees to meet the needs of customers throughout the day.

  • Assist a team of 10+ associates on the front line while ensuring the customers' needs/wants are met and exceeded



  • Cash


  • Bag


Virginia Tech

Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction

I am a graduate student persuing a CS PhD, with focus areas in Human Centered Design and Human Computer interaction

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Gendered Communication with a focus on the Female Voice

I pursued this specific track of Communication Studies to study the gender biased elements within social interactions.

  • National South Eastern Women's Studies Association(SEWSA) invitational speaker on self researched topic surrounding gender neutral non-hegemonic communication - 2008
  • Habitat for Humanity Build Lead
  • Disaster Response Lead Coordinator
    • Katrina - 10+ visits within 3 years
    • Rita - 1 Visit

Central Piedmont Community College

Post-Graduate programs

I utilize one of the best community colleges in the US to further my education in interdisciplinary areas.

  • (Six Sigma) Black Belt Certification - 2012
  • Culinary Approaches - 2011
  • Car Mechanics - 2007
  • Masonry - 2006
  • Math - 2003
  • Music - 2002

Skills Table : Certifications | Compliance | Technologies

Category Skill Version(s) Start Date End Date Elapsed Time Expertise Rating
Technology Ruby on Rails 3.2 November, 2012 1
Technology Ruby 1.9 August, 2011 2
Technology Drupal 8 November, 2012 1
Technology J2EE 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 August, 2010 2
Technology JS April, 2012 1
Technology JQuery 1.6.4, 1.7.1, 1.7.2 June, 2012 2
Compliance CIP May, 2008 August, 2011 2
Certification Red Cross First Aid, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens May, 2007 April, 2013 3
Compliance ANSI November, 2007 August, 2010 2
Certification ISO 9000, 9001 May, 2007 August, 2010 2
Certification DOT USA, NC June, 2006 April, 2013 2
Compliance OSHA USA, NC, TN June, 2007 April, 2012 2
Compliance NERC USA, NC April, 2006 April, 2012 2
Technology LDAP January, 2003 July, 2011 2
Certification Leadership Principles January, 2008 3
Certification Forklift / Pallet Jack April, 2001 3
Technology Excel VBA April, 1998 3
Technology SharePoint May, 2007 May, 2009 2
Technology VMware April, 2006 3
Compliance PCI April, 2010 2
Technology Microsoft suite April, 1998 3
Technology R 2.x September, 2008 2
Technology SQL mySQL, postgreSQL, SQLite August, 2010 2
Technology Eclipse Helios and Indigo for Classic, Java, J2EE, JS August, 2009 August, 2012 2
Technology Maven 2, 3 August, 2010 August, 2012 2
Technology XML 1.0, 1.1 August, 2009 2
Technology Spring 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 August, 2010 August, 2012 2
Technology Hibernate 3.x, 4.x August, 2010 August, 2012 2
Technology Tomcat 5.5, 6, 7 August, 2010 August, 2012 2
Technology CSS November, 2011 2
Technology HTML HTML5 November, 2011 2
Technology XHTML January, 2010 2
Technology SCADA CSTS: Distributed, Networked January, 2007 2
Technology Python April, 2010 2
Technology Unix Linux, Ubuntu March, 2004 2


Ecumenical Think Tank

Committee Chair

I was asked to sit on with select community members to develop appropriate potential opportunities to help increase young adult attendance and participation in community churches and small groups, and allocate and distribute $100K to the oppurtunities.

Habitat For Humanity


Starting with weekend builds, I have become specialized in framing and roofing.

International Logistics

I oversee supply chain for the Bahamas Habitat, a country often not thought of requiring Habitat's resources, who help serve over 1000 families across the various islands.

  • State-side fundraising
  • Flight scheduling
  • Critical inventory procurement
  • Disaster logistics for Haiti earthquake

Disaster Relief

Interested in providing relief to families in disaster areas, the complex situations surrounding the affected areas highlighted the need for effective solutions in a timely fashion, utilizing limited resources to repair and improve homes and community centers.

  • Disaster Response Lead Coordinator
    • Haiti - 2 visits
    • Katrina - 10+ visits within 3 years
    • Rita - 1 Visit



I earned my Eagle Scout, and have participated in several NESA Sponsored events since, and enjoy providing individual support to younger scouts.


I achieved the rank of Brotherhood, and served different lodge positions.

  • Webmaster
  • Chaplain