Ideas for Tesla, and others interested in making transportation better

Here are some ideas for TESLA.  In full disclosure, I don’t own a Tesla and have never been to a dealership (not one around me), so I do not know if some of these are already in existence or in the pipeline.  These are purely from my own mind and presuppositions of Tesla based on years of subpar service and support by traditional automakers and suppliers.

  • Take the information from sources (Progressive’s OBD-II plugin, Tesla’s own data, crowdsourced, traffic, DOT and other governmental agencies),  and look at traffic patterns, optimization, and route planning.
  • Look at chaos distribution and organizing it with modified salesmen routes for automated vehicles, delivery, and truck routes.
  • Use products purchasing statistics of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) controlled substances to highlight the benefits of EV’s (Electric Vehicles)
  • Look at the number of EPA and hazmat incidents involved with EV’s versus conventional ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines).  Helps justify EVs as well as document and prepare for situations.
  • Have a better understanding of what vehicles and parts are in what geographical area, and use that to support a smart warehouse and parts distribution network to reduce holes in inventory, ultimately increasing sales and decreasing customer frustration with lack of availability.


  • Look at modularity for customization, licensing, and additional revenue streams
  • Better communication, planning, and execution of recalls, TSB (Technical Service Bulletins), maintenance intervals,  Make this as attractive as the car itself.


  • Make individual pneumatic lifts on wheels for moving vehicles out of tight spots, or when without wheels (some designs exist in the market, but none that I think can have the elegance and usefulness with some TESLA modifications)
  • Release specifications for parts that are no longer in inventory or available to the customer.  Can include end-to-end information as well, such as original supplier contact, dimensions, and reasoning behind certain choices or specifications to help aid reproduction or repair.
  • Remake the identification system(s) for ordering parts.  SO MUCH DISCUSSION HERE!!!
  • Have a better roadside service culture, with telepresence capabilities for customers and service centers to provide comfort, and better remote diagnosis for roadside service fixes.
  • Use unique [laser engraced] IDs on parts/assemblies and offer an incentive program to non-Tesla shops to report part failure and reasons and suggestions.  
  • Provide a way for owners to look at the maintenance history of the vehicle, IN THE VEHICLE ITSELF, and include what they have done as well.


  • Offer a recycling program for all EV’s
  • Study the habits of TESLA employees using any single TESLA  model, with each employee using it for one day, but moving that model throughout the company to get every person’s usage, input, suggestion, and organizational data.
  • Run a health club/community event where people power a battery system for an EV, or an EV ambulance service with power from the event (or several) to contribute to a life-saving.
  • Remake the talking school bus [GUS] that travels to schools but made from an EV, promoting positive principles.


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