From Stupidity to Sensibility

     So, during my exploration of what I think might be a good adventure and learning phase, I decided to get into the tree climbing business for around $350 including the chainsaw, harness, spikes, rope, and various other items one would never imagine are required to fell (yet another conspiracy of those who control the English language to limit others from understanding it as one stumbles upon its idiosyncrasies) a tree ….. safely. Well within about five trees, I decided to help a friend out who had a dying tree that was struck by lighting that could potentially land on her house and making it two. In my never ending foolishness to help those in need, I quickly signed up to tackle this:

     One might think this is easy, but when it is already too close to the house, and you are a rookie, you don’t want it to fall/fell the wrong way, so I decided to top it from top to bottom, by climbing to the (relative) top and chopping off manageable portions and work down.   well it was so tall:

that I burned all of my energy climbing it, and once at the top realized it was well over 25, 50, and 100 feet (my guess around 120 feet – you be the judge – you might have to click on it to open in a new window for scaling to see me at the top). Thanks to a many calm breaths and 20 some odd minutes sitting in my rest harness, I talked myself out of calling for help, realizing that most likely the fire department couldn’t help and would just laugh and point. So I eventually worked slowly down piece by piece until no tree was left, carefully cutting it to fall further in the woods, and not in her yard or toward her house (Thanks to her neighbor for the pics) :

     A few months off, I have resorted to helping another friend accomplish a meager (meagle for Molly) 10-ish foot tree, infected with kudzu, and burned the roots and ground to hopefully prevent future growth:


One thought on “From Stupidity to Sensibility

  1. Thought I’d share with you that I nearly snorted the Mountain Dew Throw-Back I’d just gulped while reading this entry. I didn’t realize you wore yourself slap out getting to the top of that tree and had actually considered calling for help. I imagined the fire fighters rolling around on the ground, reeling with laughter, at the man-kitten unable to descend the tree up which he’d climbed.

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